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Coaching Packages


Mini Coaching Sessions

If your relationship is need of help with specific concerns which cause you and your spouse/partner difficulty in relating, this may be a helpful alternative to counseling.  Our coaches will work with you to identify the specific area of concern to help you get back to loving one another without the disconnection.

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Coaching Sessions

Twice the length as a mini coaching session, your coaches provide services to address the roadblocks that prevent you and your spouse/partner from successful emotional connection.  We will work you from start to finish specifically tailoring your session(s) to address these growth opportunity areas. 


Coaching Packages

Coaching packages are sessions in greater depth and duration.  Packages are for couples who are aware of challenges and may need a more hands on approach to reestablishing connection and closeness.  

Coaching packages vary in services: assessments, couples MAP, exercises specifically tailored to address your area of concern and/or connection challenges, self-help book(s), weekly couple to couple check-in, and follow up marital/relationship checkup.  

*** Variations of services and time are based on the three couple packages available.