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The DATE NITE Subscription Box

The DATE NITE subscription is love and intimacy in a box, delivered right to your doorstep. Life, work and kids can seem to put a damper on one-on-one time together. Date night helps couples to remember why they like each other, why they fell in love. This can’t simply happen by catching a movie or going out to dinner...again. It’s more to it than just getting out of the house. Date night should: 1) help you and your partner to enrich emotional closeness 2) share in new experiences together 3) build upon the existing relational bond 4) And to understand each other better. We at Eros Meets Agape want you to have a night that’s fun but also one that helps you to strengthen what you have by giving you the tools and skillset to keep the flame burning and to reach your couple goals, all while increasing the fun and spontaneity with your spouse, reconnecting with the one who matters most. So get ready to...BE INSPIRED TO LOVE. Join the DATE NITE family...plug in your email below.


Please check with your health provider to be certain coverage include mental health costs.

Accepting BCBSM, BCN, BCC, McLaren, United Health Care, United Behavioral Health and Priority Health!!!

Prior to your appointment, please check with your health care provider to be certain your plan includes health insurance, to identify co-pay amount and to determine if you have met your deductible.  PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR INSURANCE PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.  If insurance and co-pay are not verified, you will be required to pay for the session out of pocket.  

Eros Meets Agape Podcast

About the Podcast

  • Eros Meets Agape is a heart-to-heart conversation about love, sex, marriage and relationships…agape style. Join us bi-weekly as we address matters of the heart that affect how we perceive, evaluate and respond to experiences in our relationships
  • Dr. Saudia L. Twine, Ph.D, LPC, LLMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist and minister, located in Southfield, MI. She believes in the power of love, but recognizes that everyone wants to love and be loved but may not know how to give and receive the love they both want and need. Using a Christian worldview, along with clinical counseling experience she shares tips, tools, and resources on creating healthier and happier relationships.  

Join us for season 2 of the Eros Meets Agape Podcast.  Click the photo to be taken to the podcast.

Join us for season 2 of the Eros Meets Agape Podcast. Click the photo to be taken to the podcast.

About Us

Our Mission

  • We believe every person wants to love and be loved but may not necessarily know how to do so healthily in order to give and receive the love they both want and need.  Our perspective is that clients reach personal and relational success by feeling understood, validated and cared for. Therefore, we aim to create healthy marital relationships where spouses believe they are cared for, understood and validated by their partners thereby promoting close connection and enhancing the relational bond between couples and families.    

Our Counseling Philosophy

  • We aim to address the mental, emotional, relational and spiritual concerns of our clients.   We integrate psychology and Christian counseling to assist in emotional healing and spiritual development. We help to facilitate this process by helping clients understand themselves and their emotions better, develop healthy emotional expression and to connect with those who matter most.  We believe, if given the proper guidance, every person, couple and family can find their path to achieve personal and relational success.  In our professional Christian counseling environment, our counselors work to help you to reach your goals.

Counseling Tailored to your Needs

  • At times counseling is needed but possibly not feasible for various reasons.  We hear the changing needs of a technological society and offer Distance Counseling.  Our office applies the same proven methods of traditional counseling with only the added element of video technology so that counseling can be done at your convenience.